Internship Program

Kjeldsen, Sinnock & Neudeck, Inc. encourages aspiring civil engineers and land surveyors to participate in internships prior to graduating from their degree program. While we are currently not actively participating in an internship program, many of our current employees began their relationship with KSN as interns and joined the firm upon graduating from their university. Our interns work on projects throughout our firm, and are quickly assimilated into the project teams. Projects are assigned based on each intern’s abilities and experience, and interns are expected to gain knowledge from our staff, while increasing their efficiency and productivity as a member of a working project team. We strive to share our knowledge with our interns and to make our internships motivating, positive experiences.
Interested students should feel free to contact their university’s co-operative education or internship program, or to submit a resume and letter of inquiry at any time. If KSN determines that there are available positions, dependent on the number, size, and nature of the firm’s current projects, candidates will be considered based on their educational experience.  Eligible canditates will have completed at least two years of a civil engineering or land surveying curriculum. Familiarity with AutoCAD or other computer-aided drafting software is desirable, and candidates who demonstrate strong technical writing abilities are preferred.