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Interstate 5/French Camp Road Interchange Improvement Project

City of Stockton Department of Public Works

Kjeldsen, Sinnock & Neudeck, Inc. (KSN) was retained by HDR Engineering, Inc. to provide the surveying, mapping and right-of-way engineering services for the Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) phase of the Interstate 5/French Camp Road Interchange Improvement Project, which consists of the reconstruction of the I-5 and French Camp Interchange and the construction of a new eight lane industrial expressway extending approximately 1½ miles from Performance Drive west to Interstate 5. KSN provided aerial based topographic mapping, ground surveys, utility research and right-of-way mapping for the first design phase of the project, which includes reconfiguring the Interstate 5 and French Camp Road Interchange and realigning Manthey Road. Upon completion, the project will provide a connection between Interstate 5 and State Route 99, by extending the Arch Airport Road – Sperry Road Corridor, creating direct freeway access to more than 3,500 acres of industrial property.

This multi-phase project initially began in July 2000 and included completion of Project Approval and Environmental Documentation (PA/ED) pursuant to Caltrans oversight requirements. The PA/ED phase incorporated the development of required environmental documentation, the development of alternative alignments for the Sperry Road Extension, and the development of interchange alternatives at Interstate 5 and French Camp Road. The study of the design alternatives at the Interstate 5 and French Camp Road interchange concluded that Manthey Road would require realignment if the interchange were modified, expanding the overall environmental study area.

In March 2006, the PA/ED was approved and PS&E began on the first phase of the Sperry Road Extension Project. The first phase included surveying and mapping, design, and right-of-way acquisition for improvements to the Interstate 5 and French Camp Road Interchange, and the realignment of Manthey Road. Caltrans provided oversight for surveys, design, and right-of-way acquisition during the first PS&E phase. The second PS&E phase is currently in progress, and will complete the overall design of the Sperry Road Extension Project. When all phases of the project are complete, Sperry Road will be an eight lane industrial expressway connecting Interstate 5 and State Route 99 in south Stockton.

KSN contributed to the success of the first phase of the Sperry Road Extension Project by providing all mapping products throughout the PS&E. KSN’s services included the establishment of a primary survey control network to be utilized throughout the life of the Sperry Road Extension Project; design level aerial topographic mapping for the first phase of the Sperry Road Extension Project; utility research and mapping; design support ground surveys; preparation of appraisal mapping and legal descriptions for right-of-way acquisition; and right-of-way staking for appraisal support. Challenges KSN faced over the life of the project included coordinating with multiple agencies (City of Stockton, San Joaquin County, and Caltrans), changes to scope of work, and scheduling constraints necessary to meet milestones in the overall project schedule.

During the first PS&E phase KSN used the Caltrans Survey Manual and Caltrans A, B, C Photogrammetry Consultant Oversight Checklist of develop a survey control network for the project, closely coordinating with the Caltrans District 10 oversight survey coordinator and photogrammetry coordinator. KSN prepared 1”=40’ scale mapping with 1’ contours and orthophotography from aerial based topographic mapping of the project site.
The utility research and mapping was a significant part of the existing conditions mapping. KSN coordinated with 19 different utility service providers to prepare existing conditions utility mapping for the project area, field verifying input from the utility service providers, and followed up with any necessary clarification regarding the size, type and extent of the existing facilities. KSN prepared utility mapping on the project coordinate system referenced to the project topographic mapping from the compiled existing utility information. KSN also provided a utility contact summary data base with the utility mapping, allowing coordination of the relocation of facilities impacted by the project.

Design support ground surveys coordinated with Caltrans to acquire encroachment permits for traffic control and surveying on mainline Interstate 5. KSN hired a traffic control contractor for lane closures so that survey crews could locate conforms for on ramp and off ramp modifications, as well as outside lanes additions on the northbound and southbound bridges over French Camp Road. Lane additions and ramp modifications along I-5 required design support ground surveys to determine the as-built conditions at bridge crossings and transition points for planned improvements. Heavily vegetated areas in the Grupe Business Park required further supplemental ground surveys.

KSN prepared the existing conditions land-net, appraisal mapping, and legal descriptions for permanent right-of-way acquisitions, permanent utility easements, and temporary construction easements. The task included acquiring and reviewing nearly 250 supporting documents: approximately 45 title reports, 80 record maps, and 120 deeds. KSN staff assembled the record documents to perform field surveys to locate 95 boundary and right-of-way monuments used to constrain the boundary and right-of-way mapping throughout the project limits. The 95 monuments were identified and filed on a Record of Survey with San Joaquin County so that their positions could be preserved in the public record prior to the construction of improvements. Upon completion of construction, the Record of Survey can be used to reset any of the monuments that are disturbed or destroyed as a result of construction.

After the existing land-net was established, KSN utilized the Caltrans-approved design geometrics to assemble the Caltrans Appraisal Mapping. The Appraisal Map team endured a number of iterations due to design changes and agreements between agencies and developers. The final Appraisal Map included 16 sheets, impacted 27 parcels, and resulted in more than 60 legal descriptions for permanent right-of-way acquisitions, permanent utility easements, and temporary construction easements.

The social, economic, and community benefits of the project will be realized by the improved flow of goods and services from existing and future industrial, commercial, and public uses in the area allowing direct freeway access to more than 3,500 acres of industrial property. KSN delivered a quality mapping product, with professional service, meeting both schedule and budget, and was able to exceed the Owner’s and Client’s needs. This Project earned KSN a California Engineering Excellence Merit Award in 2009 from the American Council of Engineering Companies.