3D Laser Scanning Surveying

3D Laser Scanning Surveying, also known as High Definition Surveying (HDS), or "laser scanning," produces detailed, high accuracy scans for many  high definition surveying applications. The benefits of this new technology include a reduction in costs through shortening total design time, eliminating conflicts between new infrastructure and current installations, and allowing access to remote areas that previously would have been difficult to access.

Laser scanning records and transfers the survey area into a digital computer format that can be analyzed remotely. It captures the shape of any physical object allowing measurements to be taken easily and is commonly used to accurately capture and store "as-built" or "existing" information, often from safe remote locations, to assist the design process. One of the great advantages of using a laser scanner is that previously inaccessible locations can now be safely surveyed without the need for costly scaffolding or the use of cherry pickers.
Eight Mile Road Scan
Laser scanning is ideal for verifying the dimensions of complex structures such as bridges, pump stations, water and wastewater treatement plants, towers, tunnels, mines, pipe yards, electrical substations, railroad yards, and many more.  This video from the KSN laser scan survey of the Eight Mile Road overpass at the State Route 99 Interchange in Stockton shows the detailed information collected from these complex structures.  

Pump Room Scan
Laser scanning captures an extraordinarily high level of detail in complex facilities, such as industrial or manufacturing facilities with piping, conduits, ductwork, electrical fixtures, mechanical equipment, fire sprinklers, conveyors, and more application-specific equipment.  This laser scanning video highlights the precision of KSN's 3D model of the Stockton Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent Pump Station, created from our laser scan dataTo learn more about this award-winning project, visit our Portfolio.

Swain Road Scan
Laser scanning creates highly detailed topography maps and site plans, and is ideal for sites with many existing features.  The scanner collects information from the entire site, virtually eliminating the need to return to the project site to gather additional survey information.  This video from the KSN laser scan survey of Swain Road in Stockton clearly shows the comprehensive coverage of the survey information collected when a laser scanning survey is employed.