Lincoln Village West Sediment Removal Project

Reclamation District 1608, Stockton, CA

As the District Engineer for Reclamation District No. 1608 – Lincoln Village West, KSN was selected to develop and implement the Fourteenmile Slough Sediment Removal Project. The work was done on behalf of Reclamation District No. 1608 who wanted to restore draft in Fourteenmile Slough to improve access to critical levees for flood protection. Within three years of project commencement, dredging operations were completed in November 2020.

Sediment removal was conducted via hydraulic suction dredging of the slough. In all, approximately 76,000-cubic yards of accumulated silt was removed from the slough, at an average dredge depth of 5-feet. The dredged slurry (silt + water) bored out by the dredger’s powerful rotating cutter head was suctioned through the hydraulic intake line and pressure pumped through 12-inch HDPE pipe to the dredge disposal ponds on Lower Roberts Island. The over 3-mile slurry transport included passing the discharge pipe over an adjacent reclamation district with multiple inline booster pumps, crossing the bottom of the Stockton Deep Water Ship Channel using concrete pipe anchors, floating the pipe along the left bank of the San Joaquin River, and then finally crossing over the Lower Roberts Island levee and into the disposal pond. The project proved to be a great success for Reclamation District No. 1608, the landowners along the slough, and the local boating public.

KSN provided survey control, performed topographic land surveys, incorporated bathymetric survey data provided by eTrac, and provided mapping services to assist civil design efforts for the project. KSN prepared the plans and specifications for the project and facilitated the bidding process. KSN also served as construction manager for the project and performed such duties as review of submittals, review of requests for information, review and preparation of change orders, review and processing of contractor progress payment applications, and general oversight of construction activities. Site inspections by KSN staff were conducted to ensure that the construction was proceeding in conformance with the plans and specifications.

Project Highlights
  • Under KSN's guidance, the combined efforts of the project team allowed RD1608 to successfully obtain the necessary biological and environmental clearances, as well as the daunting federal dredging permits in an unprecedented timespan of 3-years record time.
  • 2021 ASCE Region 9's Outstanding Small Project Award
  • 2020 ASCE Sacramento Section's Outstanding Small Project Award