Boggs Levee Seepage Repair – Slurry Cutoff Wall

As District Engineer for RD 404, Kjeldsen, Sinnock and Neudeck, Inc. (KSN) was the primary entity for carrying out the obligations of the District.  KSN provided the civil engineering and surveying services necessary for the project that was intended to implement seepage remediation by constructing a 3-feet wide soil-bentonite slurry cutoff wall through the existing levee at an average depth of approximately 45 feet below the levee crown. This particular levee protects a large urbanized portion of the City of Stockton, including the municipal sanitary sewer treatment facility.  The design and construction is being carried out in accordance with the regulations and standards prescribed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for providing levee protection.

In addition to preparing the complete set of bid documents, including plans and specifications, KSN is currently providing inspection and construction management services for the project.  Teichert Construction was awarded the contract to construct the project for a total cost of approximately $1,100,000.

Project Highlights
  • Reclamation District No. 404 – Boggs Tract
  • Right bank of San Joaquin River, immediately south of State Highway Route 4 bridge
  • $1,100,000