EBMUD Delta Aqueduct Levee Projects

KSN was retained by five local Reclamation Districts; Lower Roberts, Upper and Lower Jones, Woodward Island, and Orwood-Palm, to provide Construction Management on this nearly $50M levee improvement program. This program consisted of improvements to the levees of these reclamation districts to increase the level of flood protection to the EBMUD Delta Aqueduct as well as other facilities of regional importance such as the Kinder Morgan pipeline and USBR railroad. KSN provided CM and inspection on a total of 12 projects related to these levees. Our inspectors provided the level of construction quality assurance and monitoring as required by the California Department of Water Resources Special Project funding agreements. Upon completion of the projects, KSN prepared detailed completion reports documenting the expenditure of funds consistent with the funding agreement requirements.

Project Highlights
  • Reclamation Districts 684, 2038, 2039, 2072, and 2024
  • San Joaquin and Contra Costa Counties, California
  • $50,000,000