Levee Seepage Repair Phase I & II Reclamation District No. 17 – Mossdale Tract

Reclamation District 17 – Mossdale Tract is undertaking $65 million worth of levee repair for through and under seepage repairs. KSN teamed with McKay & Somps and ENGEO to provide surveying, mapping, civil design, geotechnical engineering and construction management for this 19-mile-long levee system. The team’s primary responsibilities were to assist in coordination with FEMA, USACE, CVFPB and DWR to maintain the current 100-year level of levee certification and to provide a basis to achieve a 200-year level of flood protection in the future. Phase I was completed in 2008-09 and Phase II in 2009-10. KSN Inc. serves as the District Engineer for RD 17 and therefore plays a management role over all team members and is specifically responsible for guidance in the preparation of civil design, geotechnical reporting and construction specifications together with grant funding with the Department of Water Resources and Construction Management of each phase of work.

Project Highlights
  • Reclamation District No. 17
  • San Joaquin County, California
  • $14,000,000