Peters Pipeline - Stockton East Water District

The Stockton East Water District Peters Pipeline Design/Build Project designed and constructed 33,000 linear feet of 60-inch diameter reinforced concrete raw water pipeline from Mosher Slough, east of the town of Peters, to the Stockton East Water District (SEWD) Water Treatment Plant Site in east Stockton.  The pipeline transports approximately 7500 acre-feet per year of SEWD contracted water from the New Melones Reservoir in Calaveras County, to the SEWD Treatment Plant.  The pipeline was designed to provide a minimum flow rate of 95 cubic feet per second.  Kjeldsen, Sinnock & Neudeck Inc. (KSN), teamed with pipeline contractor Floyd Johnston Construction Co., Inc. (FJCC) to deliver the project under a design/build contract with SEWD.  In addition to the 6½ miles of pipeline, the project included the construction of a crossing of Mosher Slough on an abandoned railroad bridge, irrigation turnouts, road crossings, constant head vaults, access manholes and miscellaneous appurtenances.  KSN provided all surveying, mapping, civil engineering, permitting, construction staking and construction support for the project.

Project Highlights
  • Stockton East Water District
  • San Joaquin County, Stockton, California
  • 33,000 ft of 60” dia. pipe
  • $8,000,000
  • CELSOC 2008 Merit Award – Water and Wastewater Category