Salinas Municipal Airport Taxiway Improvements

The Salinas Municipal Airport is a general aviation facility occupying 763 acres, with three runways serving single and twin engine aircraft and helicopters, as well as turbo-propeller and turbine-powered business jets.  In 2012 the airport received $2.7 million in stimulus funding and an additional $1.5 million in grant money from the Federal Aviation Administration through its Airport Improvement Program.  The funding allowed for the acceleration of efforts on three major projects including runway repairs, runway configurations, and improving roadways for airplane taxiing. 

As the surveying and mapping subconsultant to Kimley-Horn Associates, KSN provided field surveys and design support mapping services to develop the background documents for the construction plans and improvement of Taxiway A and Taxiway C.  Field surveys included utilizing a combination of GNSS receivers, robotic total stations, and 3D laser scanners to acquire field data.  KSN’s application and use of the highly advanced technologies minimized the impacts to air traffic, increased field production, and allowed for seamless and complete mapping set to be developed in AutoCAD Civil 3D for designers.  KSN also delivered 3d laser scanning TruView files of the project site which allowed designers to view the project from desktop computers, take preliminary measurements, and verify site conditions.  KSN completed all services on schedule and within budget.  Construction was completed in 2014.

Project Highlights
  • City of Salinas, Salinas Municipal Airport
  • Salinas, California