Seven Mile Slough Levee Improvement

As the District Engineer for Reclamation District No. 1601, Twitchell Island, Kjeldsen, Sinnock & Neudeck, Inc. (KSN) prepared plans, specifications and estimates for levee improvements located along Seven Mile Slough.  In addition to the preparation of plans, KSN’s responsibilities included surveying, mapping, right of way engineering, construction inspections, contract administration, geotechnical evaluation of material placement, compaction testing, weekly reporting, evaluation of billings, funding source coordination, project claims, preparation of as-built drawings and final reports, and obtaining environmental permitting from the California Department of Fish and Game.  The project included levee set back and rehabilitation to improve the existing levee and included raising the levee crest elevation to 1.5 feet above the Base Flood Elevation (to account for subsidence) and widening the levee crown to 30 feet (to accommodate for the Sacramento County road standard).  The rehabilitation included improvement to the levee slope (1.5:1 waterside and 2:1 landside), erosion protection, and road surfaces, as well as other levee improvements designed by KSN.

Project Highlights
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Twitchell Island, Sacramento County
  • 2,000 ft. of Levee