City of Escalon Storm Drain Master Plan

The Storm Drain Master Plan (Plan) for the City of Escalon built on the City’s original master planning efforts of 1978, and will serve City development plans until 2035.  The study area consisted of approximately 1,122 acres of existing development, and approximately 1,619 acres of development proposed in the City’s 2005 General Plan, for a total study area of 2,741 acres (around 4.3 square miles).  Key components of the Plan include a drainage analysis of 11 existing storm drain systems, analysis of 4 of the existing storm drain systems that will also serve future development, recommendations to upgrade existing drainage systems to meet the City’s standards and minimize potential flooding, and preliminary design and analysis for 13 future drainage systems that will serve developments proposed in the City General Plan of 2005, including storm drain main line layouts, detention basin volume calculations, and outflow pump rates, which take into account the flow rate restrictions imposed on the City by the South San Joaquin Irrigation District (SSJID).

The City of Escalon adopted the Storm Drain Master Plan in December 2007.

Project Highlights
  • City of Escalon
  • City of Escalon, California
  • 2,741 Acres