Swain Road Water Pipeline Improvement Project City of Stockton Department of Municipal Utilities

The scope of the City of Stockton’s Swain Road Water Pipeline Improvement Project included the design of a parallel and redundant 12 inch diameter water transmission pipeline along Swain Road, beneath Interstate 5.  The pipeline was needed to increase delivery pressures in the residential service area on the west side of Interstate 5.  The pipeline alignment was within an existing fully developed street right of way.  Design challenges included defining an alignment that would avoid conflicts with the existing major utility infrastructure within the street right of way, and would provide adequate separation between the new pipeline and existing sanitary sewer and storm drain pipelines within the right of way.  KSN developed several alternative alignments and coordinated closely with the California Department of Public Health to define an acceptable pipeline alignment.  KSN was the prime design consultant and provided all surveying, mapping, and civil engineering design for the project. 

Project Highlights
  • City of Stockton Municipal Utilities Department
  • Swain Road between Morgan Place and Plymouth Road, Stockton, California
  • 12,000 ft.
  • $250,000