Water Rights Investigation and Use Assessment Woods Irrigation Company

KSN assisted the Woods Irrigation Company with water rights investigations to support documentation of the Irrigation Company’s right to divert water under riparian rights to its nearly 7,000 acre service area.  This support included detailed chain of title review and review of historical documents to identify early 1900s water conveyance conditions.  KSN’s support included preparing documents and testifying before the State Water Resources Control Board.  Following these investigations, KSN has continued to assist the Woods Irrigation Company with water use monitoring and management, including supporting application for an area-of-origin application to appropriate water.  In 2011, KSN managed the design-build of a diversion flow measurement system for the Irrigation Company’s three points of diversion.  The diversion measurement system was arranged to record peak 15-minute diversion rates of up to 200 cubic feet per second for the three points.  This information has been used to assist the Irrigation Company with an assessment of peak and average irrigation supply demands.  The diversion measurement system included use of acoustic Doppler flow profilers and transit-time flow sensors.  Ongoing support to the Woods Irrigation Company includes; irrigation delivery system mapping and hydraulic capacity review, review of annual cropping patterns, and preparation of diversion and use reports.

Project Highlights
  • Woods Irrigation Company
  • Middle Roberts Island, Stockton, California
  • 7,000 acre service area