Flying J/Flag City Water System Hydraulic Analysis - San Joaquin County Department of Public Works

KSN performed a hydraulic analysis of the existing domestic water system at the Highway Service/Commercial development located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Interstate 5 and State Route 12, also known as County Service Area 31.  The purpose of the hydraulic analysis was to evaluate the capacity of the existing wells, storage tanks and distribution system, and its ability to serve additional undeveloped commercial acreage on the north side of State Route 12.  The analysis included an evaluation of alternatives to provide adequate fire flows and pressures to new areas proposed for development.  The Alternatives considered included adding a third well, adding a storage reservoir and installing additional piping to provide a redundant distribution loop.  The recommended alternative was later constructed as part of the development of the Flying J site.

Project Highlights
  • PDG, Inc.
  • State Highway 12 at Interstate 5, San Joaquin County, California