Yolo County Delta Flood Emergency Response

The Yolo County Delta Flood Emergency Response Project addresses the Reclamation Districts and Levee Maintaining Agencies in the Legal Delta area not covered in the MUSR RFMP. KSN built upon the standards developed in the MUSR FERP project and  developed Emergency Operations Plans, Flood Contingency Maps, Unified Command Maps, Public Safety Maps, and Citizen Maps to facilitate emergency operations during a flood event. Using the products and standards developed in the MUSR FERP, Yolo County expanded their capabilities by incorporating their maps into ArcGIS Online and creating a seamless overview of their Operational Area. Yolo County will also host all the maps for the MUSR FERP region to facilitate access and information sharing for all stakeholders.

  • County Service Area 6 – Snowball District
  • Yolo Bypass West Side Levee – Unit 1
  • Knights Landing Ridge Drainage District
  • Reclamation District 150 – Merritt Island
  • Reclamation District 307 – Lisbon Island
  • Reclamation District 537 – Lovdal District
  • Reclamation District 730 – Knights Landing
  • Reclamation District 765 – Glide District
  • Reclamation District 785 – Driver District
  • Reclamation District 827 – Elkhorn
  • Reclamation District 999 – Netherlands
  • Reclamation District 1600 – Mull District
  • Reclamation District 2035 – Conway Tract
  • Reclamation District 2068 – Yolano
  • Reclamation District 2093 – Liberty Island
Project Highlights
  • County of Yolo
  • $890,000